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Why Romania

Romania can tempt with long beaches, summer temperatures up to 40 ℃ with a rich and lively nightlife.

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Traveling in ROmania

  1. Summer holiday
    Romania can tempt with long beaches, summer temperatures up to 40 ℃ with a rich and lively nightlife. Three courses with drinks at a nice restaurant can be enjoyed for under 20 euro and the food is usually local and organic. The really unique thing is that you will enjoy your holiday together with the locals, you always leave with more friends than when you arrived!

  2. Winter holiday
    Romania is also worth a visit in winter. Modern ski resorts are surrounded by cozy and rustic villages where atmosphere and hospitality are highly valued. Nice restaurant prices and rare treats such as wild boar, deer and other game are served everywhere. More and more people are discovering Romania as an exciting winter destination.

  3. Transylvania
    The mountains of the Carpathians and Transylvania are attractive destinations all year round with opportunities for truffle hunting, good food, delicious wine and hunting big game. Hiking, rock climbing, extreme sports of all kinds and lots, lots more.

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  4. Nightlife
    Bucharest, also called “little Paris”, is a modern metropolis with over 2 million inhabitants. The old town of Lipscani is the heart of the city; where you can find trendy bars and delicious restaurants in every street and alley.

    The destination is suitable for everyone, but especially good for a group of friends, a bachelor party or as a company trip. A nice bonus is that you get good value for your money in Romania.

    The city also has a lot to offer. We can mention Ceausescus’ Palace, beautiful buildings such as the Romanian Antheneum, the Stavropoleos Church in the old town district, Arcul de Triumph and the village museum in Herastrau Park.

  5. Health
    Romanian doctors and dentists are in absolute world class. Spa hotels in Euforie have offered revitalizing treatments of rheumatic disorders and similar afflictions around Lake Techirghiol since 1893. There are a large number of beautiful spa facilities throughout Romania, often in scenic surroundings, which offer treatments in most areas.

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  6. Prices
    As mentioned, the prices are still favorable from a western perspective. Dental services, health services, stag dues, themed tours and so on can be done at a quite reasonable price. You can rent whole restaurants, incredible premises, limousines etc. without blowing your budget.

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  7. Cultural life
    Romania still attracts the really great artists. We can mention Madonna, Metallica, Billy Ocean, Deep Purple and Tom Jones. In addition, you find classical concerts, local bands, artists, entertainers, theater and opera. There are new things to experience every day.

    Once a year, “The White Night” is held when museums and attractions are kept open all night with free admission. For the locals, this is a festive day when whole families and groups of friends go to a restaurant, visit museums and really enjoy themselves.

  8. Things to see
    Many people probably associate Romania with Transilvania and Bram Stoker’s fictional character Dracula. Here you can visit Bran castle which set the scene for the book and the legend.

    In Bucharest you can see Casa Poporului, the grand and ambitious project of the last communist dictator in Romania; Ceausescu.

    Delta Dunarii, where Danube river meets the Black sea, boasts a bustling bird, fish and wildlife.

    In short; Romania has something for everyone and never ceases to amaze.

  9. The people
    Romanians are very nice and helpful, they are curious about who you are and where you come from. They are hospitable people and take a lot of pride in this. You are often invited into their home and it does not take long before you are talking together as old friends. In the cities, many speak English, especially the younger generation, in addition to French and German.

    Bucharest is perhaps Europe’s safest capital!

Exceeded expectation

“Romania, in short, blew me away. I had been looking forward to traveling there for years, but the country far exceeded my expectations. And here’s why:”

the best city on Earth?

After traveling the world, guest writer Matt Sampalean moved from Toronto to the Romanian city of Cluj, which he loves in more ways than one.

Full of taste

“I have been amazed at the quality and flavor of the produce here. I’ve had tomatoes and pears that actually elicited a moan of pleasure from me.”

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